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'We are a grassroots organization based in South Carolina with a goal of providing education and helpful tips on annexation for neighbors affected by development. We are committed to finding commonalities and partnerships across the state to drive Annexation Reform.'

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About Us

We met in January of 2023 during the proposed annexation of 100 acres on Sheriff Mill Road and Brown Drive into the City of Easley. Since 2020, the City of Easley has been in a development frenzy approving 2552 residential units in a short time. These back-to-back developments and annexations have stretched city, county, and state resources including roads, sewer capacity, and schools. The unplanned growth has resulted in traffic, safety hazards, damage to the environment & wildlife, and increased stormwater runoff & flooding. The city has not put in proper infrastructure and negatively impacted county neighbors. We found that with the current state of annexation laws in South Carolina, there was little we could do. To add insult to injury, the City banned County residents from speaking when we filled the chambers to overflowing with likeminded neighbors and TV cameras.



In addition, there were unintended consequences that impacted two farms – these farmers found themselves in a donut hole the City of Easley created, and those farmers didn’t get the opportunity to speak out on their livelihood after the county citizen ban. We started this website to promote annexation education in South Carolina, provide a voice to the currently voiceless, and supply a resource to people looking to fight developments that are not being well thought out with proper analysis by
municipalities using the 100% annexation method. Please keep clicking for more information, contact us, or follow us on Facebook.

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